• Bicilumen (2015)
    Communication device for bikes developed during the Red Bull Basement residency.
  • Radioplanta - Paloma Oliveira e Mateus Knelsen
    Rádioplanta (2015)
    Work developed during the Rural.scapes Residency in 2015.
  • Memorabilia Ludens (2015)
    Multimedia instalation which explores the multiplicity of memory.
  • Monomyth
    Multimedia performance presented at the SP Urban 2013 and at the FILE 2015.
  • La Grand Pelea (2011, 2013)
    Fight-performance which explores aspects of communication and cultural differences between Brazil and Mexico.
  • Culture Robot 4.0 (2009)
    Multimedia installation awarded with the Locative Media prize from the Arte.Mov 2009 Festival.
  • From your Living Room Couch (2010)
    Multimedia installation developed with Lucas Bambozzi, for the "Crossings - Travessias" exhibit, in Paço das Artes.
  • IntransPoRníveis (2010)
    Multimedia performance presented at the 3rd Live Cinema Festival.
  • adAMachine Experiment #1 (2011)
    A tele-presence machine developed during the Media Lab Prado residency.
  • H3O (2012)
    Multimedia performance presented at the Cineme-se 2012 festival.
  • Short movies
    A few short movies I've done throughout the years.
  • BASE Jump
    About my practice as a BASE Jumper.