The curatorial project intends, in a subtle way, to break power structures that are maintained because they are not visible in contemporary everyday life, such as, the act of perceiving. In assuming that our senses are likely to be categorized within fields such as vision, hearing – by to mention some – we lose all possibilities to make us aware of what we feel but not we named, for example, that through the hearing and acoustic reverberation in the skin is possible to understand a space in relation to our body (echolocation).

For this reason, the curatorial affirmation is: to perceive is a political act. A policy that reverberates in art and its academic and hierarchical structures levels that validate an excludent normative system.

The museography of the exposure was developed based on suggestions of the Committee for a Museum More Friendly to All, composed of people with different perceptions, that since 2017 are questioning together with the museum: What does to include means? The museographic decisions radically transformed the museum space.

Transmutation: space alchemies

Jaime Lobato’s Curator (2017)

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